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  • Início | Wesolvehub

    Your team at high performance With We Solve, the process of “learning to learn”, collaboration and problem solving happen! HR Solve We provide support to the HR and Consulting teams to design impact programs. know more People Solve We enable teams and leaders to act by solving real everyday challenges - and in a collaborative way! know more Manifest Our motivation is crystal clear: overcoming your challenge! And here is our driving force! It's about human transformation, about evolution. We see day-to-day organizational obstacles as opportunities for growth. It goes beyond consultancy; We are professionals dedicated to the incessant desire to innovate, solve and motivate! ​ We believe in the power of people as essence of everything we do. It is in this potential that and we place our belief. And it is through individual training that we aim to build a future where the potential of each individual is fully recognized. ​ We understand that learning is a collective journey and within limits, always aligned with constantly evolving global trends. And our programs and solutions are carefully designed to foster a culture of continuous learning. ​ We invite you to join us on this exciting journey of discovery and growth. We embrace diversity of perspective ectives as the driving force of innovation, connecting minds and creating an environment where knowledge transcends borders! ​ Two stories, good products and a lot of impact We are different and complementary, but equally passionate about humanized learning – this is what drives us to undertake! We combine the knowledge of more than 15 years in Learning Architects to create our own human development methodology, combining different national and international sources, and defined in two lines of action: One aimed at human resources professionals, recognizing that those who take good care of yourself, take good care of others. And the second, aimed at teams and leaders, focused on promoting an effective and inspiring work environment. Instead of overloading teams and leaders with more content, we offer tools that help solve organizational issues in practice. In each project, we share responsibilities and a mentality of exploration combined with functional tools, essential elements to clearly identify challenges and overcome them! We believe that collaboration is a powerful key - the basis of our concept: promoting a culture of great collaboration at all times! ​ Lívia Torquetti and Renata Soares Contact us Nome Email Mensagem Enviar Mensagem enviada. Contact Follow the We Solve Hub page on LinkedIn Tel: (11) 3456-7890 Rua Prates, 194 - Bom Retiro São Paulo - SP, 01121-000 Follow the We Solve Hub page on LinkedIn

  • RH Solve | Wesolvehub

    HR SOLVE Raise the level of your Training and Development (T&D) Department with our learning programs, carefully adapted to the specific demands of your business. Mentoring We mentor T&D teams in a personalized way, enabling professionals to develop their skills and create impactful programs. Emphasis Learning architecture We connect the T&D strategy to the business strategy. We develop ecosystems using our 4D methodology, tested and approved by customers. Emphasis Instructional Design We prepare scripts for Podcasts and Video Classes, Content Curation and Case Studies. We act as hosts, presenters and announcers (in Portuguese and English). Emphasis BPO We incorporate cutting-edge knowledge, a global and modern vision to enrich your project. Through regular schedules, a senior consultant brings best practices . Emphasis MENTORSHIPS ​ Through the "Do It Yourself" concept, we lead and guide with a creative method, providing support for your team to execute projects safely and autonomously. Mentoring involves processes such as Planning Wheel, Learner and Influencer Survey, SOLVE Assessment, Life Long Learning, Learner Persona, Hypothesis Validation, MoSCoW Theory, Learning Map and Business Learning Canvas). LEARNING ARCHITECTURE We implement development experiences through the application of our exclusive methodology, the 4D steps, meticulously adjusted to the specific needs of your business. We employ both formal and informal learning resources to ensure an effective approach. 4D STEPS DISCOVERY DEFINE DEVELOP DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN We develop personalized itineraries for various learning objects, such as Podcasts, Video Classes, Content Curation and Case Studies. And we also play crucial roles as facilitators, presenters and announcers in both Portuguese and English, ensuring engaging and efficient content delivery. BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) ​ ​ If you are looking for cutting-edge knowledge, global vision and a modern, comprehensive approach, SOLVE is the ideal partner to enrich this experience. The practice aims to optimize operations, reduce costs and allow the company to focus on other skills, while delegating support to a specific project to Solve. Through regular schedules, our senior consultants offer recommendations in line with best practices and the latest trends. Packages are structured according to the complexity of the project, ensuring personalized solutions to meet your specific needs.

  • We Solve Hub | Wesolvehub

    + connection of ideas + work flow + autonomy + performance and results SCENARIO BUSINESS The challenges of the contemporary business scenario require a more dynamic approach, in order to enable companies to solve problems, guarantee their survival and, above all, promote their evolution. This need requires the adoption of new techniques and tools, encouraging teams to excel and enabling a proactive and effective response to constantly changing demands. INNOVATION AND HIGH PERFORMANCE Despite the widespread availability of resources, such as hundreds of courses, books, and tools, organizations often encounter obstacles when trying to effectively incorporate new ideas, recognize employee contributions, and undertake periodic reorganizations. It was from there that We Solve Hug was born: a LEARNING CONSULTANCY with an innovative approach, focused on high performance – and customized according to the needs of each corporation. 01. MAPPING 02. IMPLEMENTATION 03. PERFORMANCE We Solve Hub Our consultancy implements innovative tools and recommends resources aimed at collective and collaborative learning, fluidly integrated into the practical flow of work. We prioritize continuous development, performance improvement, encouraging engagement and obtaining significant performance results, empowering your team to act. At We Solve Hub we not only propose solutions; we effectively implement them, guiding companies towards a more resilient and successful corporate future!

  • Sobre | Wesolvehub

    We are We Solve TEAM OF EXPERTS “The power to relearn is the essential fuel for driving organizational change.” Lívia is a reference in learning culture and transformation of organizational mentality, standing out as a provocative professional. Over her 15-year career, she has accumulated experience in managing teams in national and multinational companies, leading transformation processes and training professionals to achieve high performance. Carioca and fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish. With a Master's degree in Strategic HR Management from the University of Applied Business in Vienna, Austria, she is certified as a Coach by Integral Coaching Canada, as well as an Administrator with specializations in Marketing, Corporate Education, Project Management and User Experience. An expert in knowledge curation, she studies trends in adult education, learning design, change management, self-directed learning, andragogy and group facilitation. Over the years, he has delivered Corporate Learning Consulting projects to renowned organizations such as SKY, DASA Group, Ternium, Aliansce Sonae (Shopping Centers), Vivo Telefônica Brasil, JBS, Coca-Cola FEMSA, Fundação Renova, Syngenta, Burger King, Natura and AHK Brasilien (Brazil-Germany Chamber). Certified in Coaching by Integral Coaching Canada, Renata is a skilled Administrator, with comprehensive specializations in Marketing, Corporate Education, Project Management and User Experience. Over the years, she has dedicated herself to delivering Corporate Learning Consulting projects, collaborating with prominent organizations such as SKY, DASA Group, Ternium, Aliansce Sonae (Shopping Centers), Vivo Telefônica Brasil, JBS, Coca-Cola FEMSA, Renova Foundation, Syngenta, Burger King, Natura and AHK Brasilien (Brazil-Germany Chamber). “The learning revolution must reach organizations to positively transform people and communities.” Passionate about studies, since 2010 Renata has been making her way in the educational scene. Initially exploring the domains of Basic Education and, later, successfully migrating to the sphere of Corporate Learning. Originally from São Paulo and fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

  • People Solve | Wesolvehub

    PEOPLE SOLVE We prioritize continuous development, performance improvement, encouraging engagement and increasing performance, empowering your team to act. Key Results We enhance the solution of real challenges, in an agile way and with a digital mindset. We apply the 4D Solve steps, inspired by Design Thinking, which bring a direct impact to the business. Emphasis 4 Collab Social and Collective Learning, through structured and guided sessions, where employees exchange experiences and learn together about everyday topics. Request the list of themes! Emphasis Lifelong Learning We are a reference in mapping learning patterns and supporting teams and individuals to organize efforts to obtain the best combination between profiles, activities and results. Emphasis KEY RESULTS Our methodology allows people to quickly resolve concrete problems, adopting a DIGITAL MINDSET. We apply 4D Solve phases, based on Design Thinking, for a direct and significant impact on business results. 4 COLLAB We encourage social and collective learning based on the principles of CONNECTION, CONTEXT, CONTINUITY and CONTENT. We lead interactive sessions that offer groups the chance to share experiences and deepen knowledge collaboratively on specific topics (see our list of available topics). LIFELONG LEARNING Empower your professionals to understand both their own learning patterns and those of the team. This approach allows for intentional guidance of learning, focusing on developing desired skills. Furthermore, it facilitates the strategic allocation of projects to the most capable people, contributing to the reduction of turnover, strengthening team engagement and a more effective allocation of tasks.

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