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Your team at high performance

With We Solve, the process of “learning to learn”, collaboration and problem solving happen!

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HR Solve

We provide support to the HR and Consulting teams to design impact programs.

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People Solve

We enable teams and leaders to act by solving real everyday challenges - and in a collaborative way!


Our motivation is crystal clear: overcoming your challenge! And here is our driving force!


It's about human transformation, about evolution. We see day-to-day organizational obstacles as opportunities for growth. It goes beyond consultancy; We are professionals dedicated to the incessant desire to innovate, solve and motivate!

We believe in the power of people as  essence of everything we do.

It is in this potential thatand we place our belief. And it is through individual training that we aim to build a future where the potential of each individual is fully recognized.  

We understand that learning is a collective journey andwithin limits, always aligned with constantly evolving global trends. And our programs and solutions are carefully designed to foster a culture of continuous learning.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey ofdiscovery and growth. We embrace diversity of perspectiveectives as the driving force of innovation, connecting minds and creating an environment where knowledge transcends borders!

Two stories, good products and a lot of impact

We are different and complementary, but equally passionate about humanized learning – this is what drives us to undertake!


We combine the knowledge of more than 15 years in Learning Architects to create our own human development methodology, combining different national and international sources, and defined in two lines of action: One aimed at human resources professionals, recognizing that those who take good care of yourself, take good care of others. And the second, aimed at teams and leaders, focused on promoting an effective and inspiring work environment.


Instead of overloading teams and leaders with more content, we offer tools that help solve organizational issues in practice. In each project, we share responsibilities and a mentality of exploration combined with functional tools, essential elements to clearly identify challenges and overcome them!

We believe that collaboration is a powerful key - the basis of our concept: promoting a culture of great collaboration at all times!

Lívia Torquetti and Renata Soares


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Tel: (11) 3456-7890

Rua Prates, 194 - Bom Retiro

São Paulo - SP, 01121-000


Follow the We Solve Hub page on LinkedIn

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