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Raise the level of your Training and Development (T&D) Department with our learning programs, carefully adapted to the specific demands of your business.


We mentor T&D teams in a personalized way, enabling  professionals to develop their skills and create impactful programs.

Learning architecture

We connect the T&D strategy to the business strategy. We develop ecosystems using our 4D methodology, tested and approved by customers.

Instructional Design

We prepare scripts for Podcasts and Video Classes, Content Curation and Case Studies. We act as  hosts, presenters and announcers (in Portuguese and English).


We incorporate cutting-edge knowledge, a global and modern vision to enrich your project. Through regular schedules, a senior consultant brings best practices


Through the "Do It Yourself" concept, we lead and guide with a creative method, providing support for your team to execute projects safely and autonomously.


Mentoring involves processes such as Planning Wheel, Learner and Influencer Survey, SOLVE Assessment, Life Long Learning, Learner Persona, Hypothesis Validation, MoSCoW Theory, Learning Map and Business Learning Canvas).

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We implement development experiences through the application of our exclusive methodology, the 4D steps, meticulously adjusted to the specific needs of your business. We employ both formal and informal learning resources to ensure an effective approach.






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We develop personalized itineraries for various learning objects, such as Podcasts, Video Classes, Content Curation and Case Studies. And we also play crucial roles as facilitators, presenters and announcers in both Portuguese and English, ensuring engaging and efficient content delivery.

(Business Process Outsourcing) 

If you are looking for cutting-edge knowledge, global vision and a modern, comprehensive approach, SOLVE is the ideal partner to enrich this experience. 

The practice aims to optimize operations, reduce costs and allow the company to focus on other skills, while delegating support to a specific project to Solve. 

Through regular schedules, our senior consultants offer recommendations in line with best practices and the latest trends. Packages are structured according to the complexity of the project, ensuring personalized solutions to meet your specific needs.

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